• The World Needs Heroes


    We are all heroes - right now - but do we know it? Do we act like it?

    The Superhero Method doesn’t recommend vigilantism or include a how-to for wearing your underwear on the outside. It takes real examples of comic book superheroes (particularly from that exceptional Marvel/DC Comics era of the 80s and 90s) and illustrates how they deal with problems we all can relate to.

    We hope you never have to save someone from a burning building, choose between personal happiness and what’s best for others, or self-doubt in a critical situation, but the truth of the matter is difficult decisions lay ahead for each and every one of us. All we can do is prepare, act altruistically and prosocially, and live our lives in the same manner that our favorite superhero from any comic book would do.

    Okay, okay. We know it’s not that simplistic. That’s why we have identified 9 key superhero attributes – with accompanying case studies (from Superman to Punisher to Commission Gordon) and real-world, practical exercises – to help you begin your journey.

    Because this world – our world – need heroes.
    Heroes like you.

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  • The world needs heroes

    If you were a superhero, would you be happy with the state of our world? If not, why not take up that mantle of superhero and start righting wrongs?

    It doesn't take spandex or powers or gadgets to be a superhero (though they are fun!) - it takes resolve. All comic book superheroes show us this and other important lessons on being heroic - isn't it time we heeded the call? Isn't it time we stopped waiting to be saved and started acting prosocially?

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