We're not psychologist or learned scholars...but we do love comic books. And over an illustrious career (enjoying comics) we've noticed integral themes and motifs that run through all conventional superhero tales.

    These recurring attributes and situations can show us the way to harness the superheroic power within and apply it to our everyday life.

    Something this crazy might just work!

  • The world needs heroes

    If you were a superhero, would you be happy with the state of our world? If not, why not take up that mantle of superhero and start righting wrongs?

    It doesn't take spandex or powers or gadgets to be a superhero (though they are fun!) - it takes resolve. All comic book superheroes show us this and other important lessons on being heroic - isn't it time we heeded the call? Isn't it time we stopped waiting to be saved and started acting prosocially?

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  • The World Needs Heroes


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  • The Superhero Method

    Make a difference

    By looking at the world of superhero comic books, we can learn to make a difference in our own world.

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